Doug Avery’s Resilient Farmer aims to deliver powerful support to New Zealand farmers across the three pillars — financial, environmental and social. Through road shows and ongoing mentoring, we will help farmers to adopt new thinking and practices. Over time, this comprehensive shift will build resilience, transform farm performance and help tackle the pyramid of depression.


  • Share advice on farm growth and financial management, including detail on Bonavaree practices and resources from financial partners
  • Encourage participation in learning and growth programmes 
  • Share expertise on feed budgeting, pasture planning, feasibility, stock numbers, forecasting, profitability and more 
  • Share latest knowledge on software tools for all the above 
  • Share advice on seed selection and companion planting to maximise land use


  • Share the ‘Social License to Farm’ concept, to lift environmental awareness
  • Provide contacts and inroads to environmental projects 
  • Connect farmers to local nurseries 
  • Inform on erosion control, shade, windbreaks 
  • Support positive engagement with local authorities


  • Provide material to help farmers manage their own emotional resilience
  • Encourage relationship building in business and the concept of ‘playing the long game’
  • Cut off the feeder to the huge pyramid of depression and suicide
  • Share connections to other web sites and help agencies
  • Mentor on an ongoing basis via email
  • Offer partner programmes such as ‘Coach Approach’ 
and succession planning