Seventeen years ago I embarked on a journey of change. Driven by the need to survive drought, it's been the most rewarding journey of my life. Creating the Resilient Farmer is my way of saying thanks to the people and processes that drove my change. The "Sustainable Farming Fund" was key in helping me and there were many others along the way that helped me stay on the road.

Creating a commercial model (through collaboration), that offers "supported journey's" to many more farmers is what Resilient Farmer is all about.

It's a group of high value companies and people who want to see the creation of wealth and well being across rural New Zealand. Networks of companies working together to support the individual. Support through mentoring and association with other people seeking similar improvement.

We plan speaking events, newsletters and video support over a wide range of areas.

One day I decided "today Doug, we are starting a new direction".

We invite you to join us in developing resilience in your life and business.