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She’ll be right?

“Toughen up? I’m sorry, but if you think working harder will get you through all of this shit then trust me, you’re wrong. I’ve been there. Let me help you avoid my mistakes.” says Doug Avery.


This is a chance for you to work ON you and/or your business, not IN it. Come along and get your head out of the trenches for a few days. You’ll get to learn from the experts, gain from others’ experience and network with others like you, who are facing the same issues.


You’re not alone

This is more than just a single event – we’re building a network of smart kiwis who can support each other, share innovations and further develop resilient practices.


Shit happens

We kiwis need to face facts, shit happens on a regular basis and one thing’s for sure, the world’s about to throw a lot more of it our way. So come along to the Woolshed Sessions and together, we’ll learn to use that shit to fertilise your future.


Go on a journey

After the sessions, you can contribute to the wider community, take part in online courseware for self assessment, personal development and use networking tools to build a resilient network beyond yourself and form a team.